We wall

We wall

No social profiles needed

We Wall is the solution for those event attendees who don’t own a Twitter or Instagram profile or who don’t want to use their personal accounts. They just need to complete the form and share content.


For everyone

The event organizer can share the We Wall form with every event attendee so that anyone can start sharing content about the event from there.



We wall is a web form that can be filled from a computer or a mobile phone. They just need to enter a username and the message or image they want to share.



The We Wall form can be accessed from a tablet, mobile or desktop. The hosts of the event can even install We Wall on their App to make it easier for the attendees to participate.



We Wall does not have an extra cost for the user or the attendee. It can be freely used and the event organizer can moderate the content that is displayed on the wall.


Easy implementation

We Wall is very easy to install in any website, it is a web form. This feature gives the event a new approach.

We wall