Content curation for your social walls

Social Waller includes an easy to use moderation system. Tweets, images or messages can be approved or rejected in just one click.

Social Waller’s moderation system also lets you ban accounts or words. It is important to point out that there is a safety time span that will let you reject a tweet if mistakenly approved. You have the total control of the event and of the content shown on screen.


Types of moderation

The moderation system allows you to decide whether you want to run a SOFT or a HARD moderation. The difference is that one method displays by default all messages on screen and you choose those you don’t want to display. The other method does not display by default any tweet and you have to approve messages to display them on screen.



Social Waller’s moderation system can be performed from any device and place. What is best, more than one device can run the moderation at the same time. Easy and fast moderation for you and your team.


Antitroll filter

You will be able to set up filters for banned words and tweets containing any of those will be automatically rejected, just like an anti-troll filter. These filters make all tweets with banned words or sent by banned users to be immediately rejected from appearing onscreen.


Trust filter

Social Waller’s moderation system also allows you to search for tweets and highlight them as important. Also, it allows the user to pre-approve accounts so that their tweets automatically appear on the screen. You have total control of the content.


Endless possibilities

The moderation system is really easy to use and intuitive. There are features for almost every need a client has ever had in relation to an online events’ wall suite. It is your time now to discover it and to enjoy the power that comes with Social Waller.

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