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Customize your wall and make your audience part of the event


What is Social Waller?

Social Waller is the go-to tool for anyone hosting an event. It is a platform that generates walls to be displayed on any type of screen and that display Twitter, Instagram and owned content. Just follow 3 simple steps and you will have your own customized wall and you will control everything around it (design, content or size). Social Waller allows you to moderate the wall by selecting the content you want to display and avoid any kind of SPAM.

This tool allows you to take full advantage of the potential of social media and obtain a greater impact for your event.

  • Professional event Professional


    Social Walls are perfect for any type of company event. People who go to conferences or keynotes usually want to express their opinions and don’t know how to. By installing a Social Wall you can give them the perfect platform to make them feel like they are being heard.

  • Concert Concerts

    Installing a Social wall at a concert is the perfect way to entertain the audience in different ways. For example, while they are waiting for the artist to show up on the stage they can share their photos. Also, during the concert messages and images can be sent by the audience to the wall.

  • Sport event Sport


    Sports-related events are one of the best places to install Social Walls. There is nothing fans like more than seeing their messages or photos next to their team on the big screen. Any type of screen or scoreboard can be used to display the social wall.

  • Digital event Digital


    The number of events taking place digitally is increasing day by day. But that is not an excuse to not build a Social Wall. By installing a footer below the streaming screen you make your audience able to share their thoughts about the event. You can even use it as a Q&A platform.



Having doubts about Social Waller?

It has been proved that events and conferences engagement increases by adding Social Walls. Contact us if you have any questions about Social Waller and how to install it.

The team is ready to talk with you and solve any inquiry you may have.